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Our motto: We take the 'pain' out of painting.


  1. All areas around your business or home, including your shrubs, landscaping and paths to be protected by drop cloths or plastic sheets.

  2. All exterior surfaces to be painted to be thoroughly washed and cleaned before they are sanded. This step removes harmful pollutants and dirt and helps new paint adhere to the existing surface

  3. Any loose caulking/putty on the building or windows to be removed and replaced. Any open gaps to be filled with new caulking to prevent rainwater from penetrating below surface

  4. All loose nails to be replaced or refixed and filled as necessary.

  5. We use and recommend only quality major brands' paint. ( most have a 5-10 yr paint warranty )

  6. All work to be completed in a neat and professional manner by a trained Auckland Painting Services contractor, who are polite, friendly and work efficiently.

  7. The proper Occupational Health and Safety approved procedure and equipment to be employed so that your job can be completed safely.

  8. The contractors are covered by the appropriate insurance cover.

  9. All prices include labour, paint & all other materials unless stated otherwise.

  10. All  other sub-trades if needed can be supplied or organised by us. (A One Stop Shop!)

  11. 24/7 after hours service available for those urgent or critical jobs where needed.

The Services we offer are:

Interior &  exterior painting.  Residential / commercial.

Wallpaper stripping, Gib stopping, plastering, skim coating.

Floor sanding and coating, waterblasting and treating, Graffiti repair and treatment.

Building repairs, alterations, extensions, leaky building repairs.

Associated plumbing and electrical work all by qualified trades people.


All payment options are available: ie, Credit card, direct payment, cheque, cash.  most standard contract work is on a 1/4  to 1/3 deposit with payment options depending on the size of the job, Our trade contract work is deposit with progress payments or final payment 20th month. Other options are available on request, Finance is available on larger jobs, see Finance packages for examples of our finance details.

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